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2024 Schedule


All Dates are subject to change as more information becomes available!

Jan 18-21 - Blue Ribbon Winter Festival, Waco, TX

Jan 27-28 - GHHJA New Show/New Beginning, Katy, TX

Jan 31- Feb 4 - Texas Winter Series Week 1, Katy, TX 

Feb 7-11 - Texas Winter Series Week 2, Katy, TX 

Feb 14-18 - Texas Winter Series Week 3, Katy, TX 

Feb 21-25 - Texas Winter Series Week 4, Katy, TX 


Feb 29- Mar 3 - Texas Rose Spring Kickoff I, Tyler, TX

Mar 3-7 - Texas Rose Spring Kickoff II , Tyler, TX

Mar 9-10 - GHHJA Pending,Katy, TX

Apr 18-21 - Texas Rose Spring Festival, Tyler, TX 

Apr 24-28 -Texas Shoot-Out, Tyler, TX   

May 2-5 - Great Southwest Round Up, Katy, TX 

May 9-12 - Fiesta Classic  Show, Katy, TX 

May 15-19 - Show Jumping Classic,Tyler, TX 

May 22-26 - Southwest Classic, Tyler, TX

May 31-Jun 2 - Great Summer Slide (GSEC Reining)

Jun 1-2 - GHHJA Classic Show I & II, Katy, TX

Jun 13-16 -Blue Ribbon Summer Festival I, Waco, TX

Jun 20-23 Blue Ribbon Summer Festival II, Waco, TX

Jun 22-23 GHHJA, Katy, TX

Aug 17-18 GHHJA GSEC Fun In The Sun I & II

Sept 4-8 - Texas Rose Sporthorse Cup, Tyler, TX

Sept 11-15- Texas Rose Fall Classic, Tyler, TX

Sept 14-15 - GHHJA, Katy, TX

Sept 18-22 - Southwest Showdown, Katy, TX

Sept 26-29 - GSEC Fall Classic USEF National Show, Katy, TX

Oct 3-6 - Texas Rose Autumn Festival, Tyler, TX

Oct 10-13 - Fall Fun, Tyler, TX 

Oct 17-20 Great Southwest Monster Mash USEF National, Katy, TX

Oct  24-29-  Texas Rose Octoberfest, Tyler, TX

Oct 25-27 - Great Pumpkin Slide (GSEC Reining), Katy TX

Oct 30- Nov 3 Harvest USEF Premier Show, Katy, tX

Nov 6-10 GSEC Autumn Classic USEF Premier Show, Katy, TX

Nov 13-17 GSEC Final Chase USEF Premier Show, Katy, TX

Nov 23-24 GHHJA Finish Line Horse Show, GSEC, Katy, TX

Dec 5-8 Christmas Show, Waco, TX

Dec 12-15 Texas Winter Frost Fire, Katy, TX


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